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Compassionate House Care Services for Horses in Courtenay

Horses are special animals, and the team at Country Animal Hospital in the Comox Valley are ready to provide them the special care that they need.

We know that bringing your horse to the vet is a tricky proposition, which is why we are more than happy to make house calls. Our vets will visit horses and their owners throughout Courtenay to give the house care services they deserve.

Horse Care

Our care services include:


Lameness treatment



Power float traditional

Digital X-rays


Prescription medications

Parasites prevention and treatment

Specialist referrals

Gelding surgery

Reproductive procedures

Call to schedule a house call with our vets for your horse.

Clean and Healthy Teeth for Pets

We treat tooth infections and gum diseases.

Vaccinations for Farm Animals

We provide medical care to companion farm animals.

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